H-ISAC 2016 Cyber-Top Gun Summit

Healthcare continues to be the target of malicious and clever social engineering attacks gained through the behavior of inattentive or non-compliant employees. 3rd party risk mitigation has become a significant issue as vendors become key players in the Healthcare Security supply chain. We need to address this additional risk as we grow the offering forour patients with the services we provide.

Every day thousands of Wi-Fi seeking smart phones and iPads enter our healthcare ecosphere…capable of being compromised in some form.

We Talk. We Share. We Network. Join us to network with the best practitioners, who are also your peers in the Healthcare Security.

Can a security team gain traction while battling with other departments for IT budgets? If there is a breach who gets blamed? Is “Not having enough resources” good enough? A constant theme is juggling needs with budgets and corporate strategies.Beyond the obvious need to share and increase the resiliency of our sector there is also the day to day business issues we need to deal with constantly.

Come and hear new ideas and strategies that you may be able to apply back in your shop.

Topics will include:

    • Application Security Lifecycle Challenges
    • Medical Device Security Issues & Challenges
    • Endpoint Resilience/Analytics/Innovations
    • Cyber Intelligence Innovations (Teams, Techniques, Tools)
    • Incident Response & Breach Lessons
    • Cloud Security Challenges & Solutions
    • Operationalizing Advanced Security Capabilities
    • Deception Technologies
    • Behavioral Analytics Lessons Learned
    • Security Scaling Issues & Innovations
    • Supply Chain Risk & Risk Management
    • Compliance / Regulatory Landscape
    • Convergence (of Physical/Cyber Security)
    • Business Resilience
    • Data Protection
    • Awareness & Training
    • Workforce Management
    • Mobile & BYOD