Health Cybersecurity

Annual Threat Report

The Current & Emerging Healthcare Cyber Threat Landscape report covers the top cyber threats to healthcare organizations. The intent of this report is to help influence cybersecurity budget and investment decisions for senior leaders and practitioners in the healthcare sector by providing an overview of the current cyber threat landscape and projections going forward. The analysis of this report was created between analysts from Health-ISAC and Booz Allen Hamilton to give the most diverse and experienced perspective possible.

Survey Background

In a November 2022 survey, executives (n=288) across Health-ISAC, CHIME and the Health Sector Coordinating Council completed a survey and rank ordered the Top Five “greatest cybersecurity concerns” facing their organizations for both 2022 and 2023. The survey included cyber (e.g., CISO) and non-cyber executives (e.g., CFO), multiple healthcare subsectors (e.g., Providers, Pharma, Payers, Medical Device Manufacturers, Health IT) as well as healthcare organizations of varying size and IT/IS budget.

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