The Second Annual Member Satisfaction Survey response was outstanding!!!! We received 351 responses compared to 152 last year, a 10% increase from last year. Feedback helps Health-ISAC see what features Members find beneficial and what challenges still need fulfillment. The candid feedback will help Health-ISAC be attentive to Membership needs and the needs within the healthcare industry. The survey results are full of interesting insights for the Healthcare sector.



Access the 2022 Health-ISAC Membership Satisfaction Survey Results here:

2023 Health-ISAC Member Satisfaction Survey Results Lite TLP White

Cybersecurity Maturity Benchmark

Participants were asked to rate their organizations based on the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2).

Overall, most organizations defined themselves as “Defined” or “Managed”.

As seen from the charts, there are some variations between tiers and sub-segments. It is not surprising that organizations with revenue over $5Billion were more likely to define themselves “Optimized” or “Managed.” While organizations with revenue under $5Billion were fairly evenly divided between “Managed”, “Defined” and “Repeatable.”


Health-ISAC’s Service / Product Value

Health-ISAC Membership recognizes a very high level of value over the entire range of Health-ISAC offerings with an average “total value” score (Outstanding or Very Good or Some Value) of 77% out of 100%.

The only services not ranking above 60% on total value also had the highest responses for Don’t Know / Don’t Use.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an industry standard that measures the willingness of customers to recommend the products or services they receive to others. It is a proxy for gauging overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The creators of NPS, Bain & Company, suggest scores reflect the following sentiment: -100 to 0 = Needs Improvement; 0 to 29 = Good; 30 to 69 = Great; and 70 to 100 = Excellent.

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