H-ISAC is offering 60-day no-cost crowdsourced cybersecurity expertise to meet the increased daily threats.

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The healthcare industry is being specifically targeted during this period of societal need. Real-time sharing of actionable intelligence enables organizations to be proactive and abreast of hacks with innovative technologies.

This complimentary offer extends to healthcare stakeholders such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Blood banks, Vaccine  Manufacturers, Clinical Research Organizations or Pharmacy wholesalers… it’s not just about protecting health information, it is about protecting patient care.

Receive Improved Security Posture Through Shared Situational Awareness.

The H-ISAC Community currently shares attack information that is targeting healthcare firms. This sharing gives each organization an opportunity to be prepared. Community defense uses one organization’s shared defense to become offense for everyone else.

Peer-to-Peer Live Webinars

An example of recent peer-to-peer sharing is the weekly Happy Hour Member Only live webinar where member organizations with established telehealth and work from home (WFH) standards of procedure shared what is working in their organizations. Topics and panels vary weekly.

Discussion Topic examples: Remote Access and what is allowed or not allowed, Virtual patient visitations, Patching, Telephone operations, Remote patient monitoring, Meetings/Communications, Technical Support/Helpdesk, Cyber Threats to consider, Asset management to support a remote workforce.

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