Flashpoint remains dedicated to the H-ISAC mission,
and in helping to mitigate the cyber risk
confronting its membership on a daily basis.


We have long-partnered with H-ISAC to provide actionable intelligence regarding threat actors targeting the sector, to include during our standing participation in the H-ISAC Monthly Threat Briefing calls, and remain committed to leading the way in providing value to H-ISAC members — and to strengthening our partnership during these challenging and uncertain times.

In this spirit, we have partnered with H-ISAC for the past several months to offer 90-day free trial access to the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform for the H-ISAC membership. We would like to let H-ISAC members know that this offer for 90-days of trial access continues to be available to H-ISAC member organizations.


With this access, Flashpoint will support users to:


● Prevent Account Takeover (ATO) fraud by monitoring for stolen credentials

● Stay ahead of the news cycle and monitor emerging threats

● Collaborate with peers across verticals on rapidly developing security events

● Enhance your protection with intelligence on emergent malware


Getting started:

Please visit https://go.flashpoint-intel.com/access/h-isac to complete the registration form. Users will be sent a $0 subscription agreement with no further commitments, and users will be activated upon completion of this paperwork. Please provide the contact information of the primary user, as well as the primary email domain to be monitored. Additional users can be requested directly, as needed.


Access to Flashpoint Intelligence Platform including:

● Access to All Flashpoint Datasets

● 2 User Licenses (additional licenses available upon request)

● Knowledge Base

● FP Collaboration – Trusted Community

● Finished Intelligence Reports

● Compromised Credentials Monitoring (1 Domain)

● Customer Support

● 3rd Party Integrations and API (upon request)


Link to pdf:
H-ISAC Members Access to Flashpoint Aug-2020 (1)
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