H-ISAC has partnered with ANOMALI to provide healthcare organizations with security tools and threat intelligence needed to identify and respond to serious cyber threats. Anomali arms community members with high quality intelligence about malicious cyber actors, providing organizations with an early-warning system for suspicious activity on their networks.

Delivering the Promise of Threat Intelligence

Anomali ThreatStream operationalizes threat intelligence, allowing organizations to identify and respond to active security threats in their environment. The platform automates collection, normalization and integration of threat intelligence from myriad sources. Users can collaborate securely and seamless with peers in other organization with Anomali Trusted Circles. Anomali delivers the most comprehensive threat intelligence capabilities to give organizations complete visibility into serious threats and the ability to share and collaborate with community members.

H-ISAC Member Benefits

As part of the H-ISAC partnership, Anomali is pleased to offer Analyst level access to the Anomali ThreatStream platform for all H-ISAC members. This includes:

  • Access to intelligence feeds and indicators, including: 11 Anomali Limo feeds, DHS/CISCP/AIS, Anomali Weekly Threat Briefing indicators
  • Access to H-ISAC Trusted Circle for threat collaboration
  • Analyst interface for searching and viewing details of IOCs
  • Ability to create/join additional Trusted Circles
  • Ability to share Observables
  • Access to Threat Bulletins
  • Access to built-in Sandbox for malware evaluation
  • Mailbox Phishing Import Feature
  • My Events Map
  • Access to Anomali University courses and training
Visit www.anomali.com/learn/h-isac to register for access and learn more.