TLP WHITE: March 19, 2021

As information systems become more sophisticated, so do the methods used by the attackers. Criminal and nation state actors have long recognized the value of denial-of-service attacks which can cause serious business interruptions for any organization connected to the internet. Denial-of-Service attacks have increased in magnitude as more devices come online and organizations increase remote access for their staff.

This paper covers the motivations behind DDoS attacks, provides several historical examples and details several strategic and tactical recommendations IT and information security professionals can implement in their organizations to limit impacts from these disruptive attacks.


Key topics from the report include:
  • – Impacts to the Threat Landscape
  • – Observed Activity
  • – Takedown Campaigns
  • – Risk and Impact
  • – Mitigation Strategies


Pdf version of report:
H-ISAC DDoS Attacks 3-19-2021





Mar 19, 2021




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