2017 Fall Summit Keynote Speaker

Announcing our Keynote Speaker for our 2017 Fall Summit!

Dr. Zubin Damania, MD

You may not know the name of one of the most talented and innovative forces in healthcare but there is a high probability that you have seen one of his video parodies about health. This is because Zubin Damania, M.D., goes under the alias, ZDogg MD.

Dr. Zubin Damania, MD, is an internist and the founder of Turntable Health, an innovative healthcare startup that was part of an ambitious urban revitalization movement spear headed by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh. During his 10-year hospitalist career at Stanford, he won clinical teaching awards while simultaneously maintaining a shadow career performing stand-up comedy for medical audiences worldwide. His videos and live Facebook shows, created under the pseudonym ZDoggMD, have gone  epidemically viral with a quarter of a billion views on YouTube and Facebook.

In Las Vegas,  he implemented an innovative model of healthcare delivery that promotes wellness at both the individual and community level. Turntable Health, a membership model team-based primary care ecosystem, was a ground-up effort to get healthcare right by          restoring the primacy of the human relationship, a concept they call “Health 3.0”.  His mission is to teach others what they’ve learned, while inspiring both personal and system-level  transformation through storytelling, humor, and music.”

He has been featured as one of the top 100 graduation speeches of all time by NPR, and has been profiled in Forbes, Time, USA Today, US News, Huffington Post  and dozens more…