Solution Benefits

– Visualize, understand, and leverage your digital footprint for strategic decisions

– Track threat actors across platforms & mediums with similar actor detection

– Scan hundreds of dark web marketplaces, forums, and illicit telegram markets

– Seamlessly detect data leaks across thousands of clear web sources

– Conduct 24/7/365 cyber reconnaissance across the dark and clear web

Proactive External Threat Detection

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External Cyber Risk Monitoring Platform

Automatically identify risks across the dark & clear web

Flare is the proactive digital footprint monitoring platform for mid-enterprise organizations. Our AI-driven technology constantly scans the online world to discover unknown threats created by inadvertent employee behavior or malicious actors. Using these discoveries, Flare automatically prioritizes risks and delivers actionable intelligence that organizations can use instantly to improve security and reduce risk.

Try it for free.

– Each H-ISAC member will be able to redeem 10 identifiers for 1 year, completely free (max of 3 Domain identifiers). Test out the platform and receive actionable data to improve your risk posture.

– What’s an identifier? Our identifiers are search terms used in the platform such as your domain name, the names of key VIPs in your organization, maybe internal project names or other terms that you want us to search and then we take our red team experience within the system and augment your terms with hundreds of other terms. Some identifier examples:

– Name

– Email

– Domain

– IP Address

– Company Name

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