Flare Empowers our Healthcare Customers to:

• Detect Dangerous External Data Exposure. Flare provides a unified platform to gain visibility into all external data exposure. Our simple platform makes it easy to identify risks ranging leaked credentials and threat actors targeting your organization on the dark web to employees inadvertently leaking PHI or developers pushing secrets to Public GitHub Repositories.

• Detect Corporate Infected Devices for Sale. Flare’s platform makes it easy to identify corporate computers that have been infected with stealer malware and are for sale on infected device marketplaces. We automatically monitor hundreds of thousands of infected device listings and proactively send an alert when a device is for sale with access to corporate logins.

• Combat Healthcare Fraud. Flare’s flexible approach to monitoring empowers our customers to use identifiers to detect fraudulent activity related to healthcare companies and insurance providers. Our healthcare customers can use Flare to detect fraud schemes early, track threat actors who are perpetrating them, and identify actors who may be operating under different usernames and on different platforms using our similar actor detection feature.

• In addition to dozens of other use-cases.

Proactive External Threat Detection

External Cyber Risk Monitoring Platform

Automatically identify risks across the dark & clear web

Flare is the proactive external cyber threat detection solution for organizations. Our AI-driven technology constantly monitors the dark and clear web to discover unknown events, automatically prioritize risks, and deliver actionable intelligence to security teams. Our customers are empowered to detect stolen credentials, fraud schemes, public GitHub secrets leakage, and dozens of other threats external to their organization.

Flare Limited – Free to Health-ISAC Members

Each Health-ISAC member will be able to redeem 10 identifiers for 1 year, completely free (maximum of 3 domain identifiers). This enables Health-ISAC members to proactively detect threats and understand their external data exposure.

What’s an identifier? Our identifiers are automated search terms that crawl the dark and clear web and return a prioritized list of risks in Flare’s intuitive SaaS platform. Some examples of identifiers include domains, keywords, executive names, email addresses, IP addresses, and other types of searches that can help detect threats related to your organization.

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