Errol Weiss on Protecting the Healthcare Sector from Cyber Threats


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A headshot photo of Health-ISAC's Chief Security Officer, Errol Weiss with a text quote of his words from the interview “From a legal risk decision to a business-based risk decision” and the logo of the company that published the article.

This article includes:
  • – From NSA to FS-ISAC to Health-ISAC
  • – Communication challenges during a breach
  • – From a legal risk decision to a business-based risk decision
  • – 3 things health sector organizations can do to step up security
  • – Risk acceptance and risk avoidance involving patching
  • – About vendor partnerships
  • – The current threat landscape in the health sector


Posted on July 8, 2024

Organizations must practice good data backup techniques, and you’ve got to make sure that those backups actually work. One way to test that is to pretend everything’s broken, everything’s down. Go build a new system and start from scratch. The questions to be answered in the after-action report would include: Can we restore the systems? How long is that going to take? What’s the downtime as a result of that? Is your staff equipped to operate on paper for that amount of time?

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