August highlights:

~ Upcoming H-ISAC Board elections
~ H-ISAC Automated Threat Intelligence
~ Shared Services 2020 Satisfaction Survey
~ Upcoming Virtual and In-Person Events


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August 2020


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Recently the H-ISAC Board approved shifting the H-ISAC annual Board elections to an overall majority vote with the top vote recipients filling the open seats up for election. The POC from each member organization will vote on the proposed slate of candidates prepared by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board.

In preparing the slate, the Nominating Committee will be looking at a number of criteria but will most importantly look for the candidate to be an active participant in the H-ISAC and represent the type of leadership, experience, expertise and insight that is beneficial to both the H-ISAC and the world’s health and public health critical infrastructure.

Board Directors are required to attend meetings which are usually held every other month, which includes four quarterly in-person meetings, two of which occur in conjunction with the Spring and Fall Summits.

H-ISAC is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the upcoming 2020 Board Elections. This year there are six seats up for election.

Please take a moment to consider someone who will contribute and help guide the H-ISAC as a Board member.  Before nominating a potential candidate, please reach out to him or her to get his or her approval to be considered. The Board also encourages self-nominations. Please note, candidates need to hold a senior security role – CISO, CIO or similar title, in their organization.


The Process:


Nomination Deadline: (August 17 – 31, 2020) – Submit nomination (s) to All Nominees must be executive level or have a similar background and be a current H-ISAC member organization in good standing.

Biography Submission:  (September 4, 2020) – Submit brief biography and photo to be provided in the ballot election package.

The elections will be held in early October and the term for the newly elected Board Directors will begin at the Board meeting held in conjunction with the H-ISAC Fall Summit on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.



New Processes for Health-ISAC Automated Threat Intelligence


Health-ISAC members can automatically pull threat intelligence from information sharing channels via secure feeds and use that information to develop actionable intelligence that is critical to protecting their networks. Health-ISAC’s automation integrations allow members to better allocate the efforts of their analysts and tailor the threat intelligence platforms used to monitor their own internal networks.


We encourage all members to share indicators they have enriched and validated to be malicious within the Mattermost WeeSecrets IOCs channel.

Health-ISAC has enabled new processes that automatically enrich and anonymize the IOCs shared to this channel.  The result is vetted by Health-ISAC analysts and made available for members to leverage the indicators within various cyber security platforms including SIEMs, firewalls and end-point protection systems. Additionally, members may automate H-ISAC’s threat intelligence directly into their SIEM and firewall protection for added security from emerging cyber threats. As indicators are shared by more members and continue to be enriched and added back into the data flow, confidence scores for the threat can be improved, leading to higher quality and more “actionable” indicators that ultimately provide members with a more secure network environment.





The 2020 H-ISAC Satisfaction Survey is here!  It is your opportunity to tell us what you like, and where we can improve.  We have a new, shorter format this year so it should only take a few minutes.  Help shape future H-ISAC member offerings at


We have also developed a few short, but more focused surveys to gather your input for new Third-Party RiskMedical Device Security, and Education products and services.  All of these surveys can be found at the bottom left of the portal page.  If you are involved with any of these topics, please tell us where we can help.



H-ISAC European Summit “Power Your Network”
20-22 October, 2020

Keynote: Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer of F-Secure.
This event will be in-person at Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate.
Registration Opens: 19 August 2020

H-ISAC Hybrid Fall Summit “Sharing at the Oasis”
November 30 -December 4, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona

Call for papers is open through August 28.
Registration will open September 23
Accommodations: Hybrid event—both virtual and in-person at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa.




H-ISAC Virtual Security Workshop—Germany


H-ISAC Security Workshop—Paris, France


H-ISAC Security Workshop—Prague, Czech Republic

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