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H-ISAC continues to support healthcare information sharing and security communities through a number of tools and services, both in-house and from third party vendors.  Not only does H-ISAC use these services internally, but our members also benefit every day.

Because not all members are equal in their resources, we work with third party vendors to offer specialized programs and services that support all types of member infrastructures and architectures.

We are proud to showcase the below vendors who have made an effort in not only the healthcare community, but security communities overall to support the information sharing mission and advance security through their programs.


Anomali helps organizations find and respond to cyber threats. That’s our mission. We bring to your security team the one thing that’s been missing – external context. With Anomali you can now identify suspicious or malicious traffic before it even reaches your network. We turn threat intelligence into your cyber no-fly list, and seamlessly integrate this with your internal security and IT systems.

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One place to secure, share and manage all your content.  With files scattered across different sharing tools, document management systems and storage infrastructure, enterprises face an impossible challenge keeping data secure, processes compliant and teams on the same page. That’s where Box comes in. With Box, you get a single place to manage, secure, share and govern all of the content for your internal and external collaboration and processes. And it connects to all your apps. That’s why 80,000 customers and 69% of the Fortune 500 rely on Box to meet the demands of the digital age.

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Mattermost offers high-trust collaboration and messaging solutions that empower leading companies to drive process improvement, raise productivity and replace legacy systems while meeting custom security, compliance and auditing needs.

Mattermost provides an enterprise messaging workspace for teams to collaborate securely and effectively. Our scalable solutions offer a centralized hub for intra-company communications that increase agility, efficiency and innovation while meeting advanced security, compliance and audit requirements, which may include deployment to AWS, Azure and private clouds, or even to on-prem environments.

For more information please visit: https://mattermost.com/contact-us


Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. It’s a service that gives employees, customers, and partners secure access to the tools they need to do their most important work.  We develop products that enable people to access applications and other tools more smoothly and securely than ever before.  We anticipate new waves of technology, such as machine learning and adaptive authentication, and build them into our roadmap.  Above all, we protect our customers. We do all that we can to make our customers successful as every company becomes a technology company.

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Perch Security empowers any organizations of all sizes to detect and respond to threats based upon intelligence from others in their industry communities. By partnering with ISACs and ISAOs, Perch Security mission is facilitate the sharing of valuable industry-specific cyber threat intel, combined with around the clock security analysts efforts to triage activity that deem to be malicious.

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H-ISAC Shared Services

Providing organizations with affordable access to shared data and enhanced security services and making it easy to locate trusted vendors and to obtain lower member rates due to our volume pricing.

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Trusona is the global leader in identity authentication. Trusona ensures the True Persona behind every digital interaction through a suite of products ranging from frictionless #NoPasswords login to the only insured authentication solution. We are on a mission to eliminate passwords, not only because people hate them, but because they are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Lack of proper identification enables the most horrendous cybercrimes to take place.

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