Retired Gen. Keith Alexander and Premera Blue Cross Chief Information Security Officer Adrian Mayers argue for structural changes organizations can make to address healthcare cyberattacks.

Health-ISAC mention:

A “whole-of-health” approach to cybersecurity complements current efforts by the Health-ISAC, as it adds to the mix both actionable attack intelligence about new and novel threats and a real-time, radar-like picture of the cyber threat landscape.


Link to article in Healthcare Dive:


Published January 4, 2023 by Keith Alexander and Adrian Mayers


Editor’s Note: Retired Gen. Keith Alexander is chief executive officer of IronNet and Adrian Mayers is chief information security officer at healthcare insurance nonprofit Premera Blue Cross.


With a trove of valuable patient information and low tolerance for downtime, the healthcare sector continues to get hit hard by cyberattackers. Healthcare suffers the highest average cost of a breach for any sector — a figure that has increased 42% since 2020. Now that’s painful.

We can — and must — do better to staunch the impact of relentless cyberattacks on the healthcare sector, especially when most organizations essentially are victims of well-funded cybercrime activity carried out by highly organized cyber criminal outlets and nation-state attackers (e.g., North Korea).




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