Health-ISAC, CHIME, and the Health Sector Coordinating Council surveyed healthcare cybersecurity executives on the top five threats facing their organizations this year.


 By Jill McKeon

 – Health-ISAC released its annual threat report, providing insight into how healthcare cybersecurity experts view the current cyber threat landscape.

More than 280 executives across Health-ISAC, CHIME, and the Health Sector Coordination Council (HSCC) responded to a survey asking them to rank the top five “greatest cybersecurity concerns” facing their organizations.

Respondents identified the following as their top five threats:

  1. Ransomware Deployment
  2. Phishing/Spear-Phishing Attacks
  3. Third-Party/Partner Breach
  4. Data Breach
  5. Social Engineering

Health-ISAC issued the report with the intent of influencing healthcare cybersecurity budget and investment decisions, providing a detailed overview of specific threats that face the sector.

“To protect healthcare organizations, security teams and senior leadership need to know the groups targeting the healthcare sector; the tools and methods they are using to do so; and recent successful attacks,” the report stated.


Read the full article in TechTarget / HealthIT Security here

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