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This whitepaper covers the Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack, Ransomware Attacks Timeline & Recent Attacks, Top Ransomware Attacks in 2021, How To Defend Against Ransomware Attacks, and How FireCompass Helps To Discover Your Ransomware Attack Surface.


Key Challenges


  • –  Ransomware managed to penetrate into systems due to lack of visibility of possible misconfiguration
  •   Weak or faulty access control (OTP not validated, guest user having higher privilege access) is another risk that allows malware to easily penetrate into systems.
  •   Ransomware attacks are using well known attack channels which are Phishing and open ports.
  •   Given the velocity and volume of changes in IT infrastructure and applications in organisations worldwide, it is becoming increasingly challenging to track and monitor organisations IT and (OT where applicable) attack surface





  • –  Implement Attack Surface Monitoring tools to discover your security blindspots

  • –  Be prepared for Ransomware Attacks by creating a security management program and policies which includes asset management, creating backup strategy, Incident response plan and restriction of user privileges
  • –  Discover and Monitor your publicly exposed IT infrastructure, open ports, databases, applications etc that could be targeted by a ransomware actor.
  • –  Test your security defense technologies effectiveness
  •   Educate employees and Security teams on phishing mails and also conduct mock drills to prepare teams for incident response.




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