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  • ~ TOC Update — Why an Intel POC is important to identify
  • ~ Product and Services — Safe Identity and Prevalent
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December 2020




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HUGE SUCCESS! The First H-ISAC Hybrid Summit In Person, Live-Stream & Virtual

400+ Attendees — and great feedback
2020 caused in-person event cancellations for many. H-ISAC hosted an innovative “Hybrid” Summit.

“It was really like planning for two Summits, providing for both safe in-person events and a fully interactive virtual platform,” says Denise Anderson, H-ISAC President. “We wanted to provide the best possible experience for all attendees. It was very important to offer our members a virtual getaway, networking and prime content.”

The 3-day event has garnered much positive feedback from participants. As one virtual attendee said, “It was a welcome, fun outlet during what has otherwise been a difficult nine months filled with long work days at home and an absence of interpersonal opportunities.” Another attendee remarked how, “It was great to eat breakfast with my kids, and then attend a world class summit across the county.”

The virtual platform enabled attendees to schedule meetings and send private messages to other attendees. 1000+ personal messages plus fun networking game rooms allowed attendees to interact with each other. An emcee and pre-recorded messages and tours for members kept the live stream room going between sessions.

Our H-ISAC Hybrid Spring Summit will commence May 17-21, 2021 in Naples, Florida and on our virtual platform. Join the Content Committee to help line up the best tracks and/or submit a paper.


A Use Case Lessons Learned:
The Importance of Keeping an Up-to-Date Intel Point of Contact (POC) with H-ISAC

We can all learn from this example.

In May 2020, the Health-ISAC Threat Operations Center (TOC) issued a Targeted Alert to a member organization which included the IP Address of a Citrix Server exposed to the internet and vulnerable to CVE-2019-19781, an arbitrary code execution bug.

In October, after being notified of a malicious campaign targeting the healthcare sector, another Targeted Alert was delivered to the same member, detailing several email addresses which were included in a leaked Ransomware Operators SpamEx Targeting Email List. Approximately two-thirds of the Health-ISAC membership also received alerts related to this specific leaked targeting list for ransomware operator spam.

In November, unfortunately, the member issued a statement disclosing that their organization was actively responding to a cyberattack. We are sharing this story to raise awareness and help improve the effectiveness of our communications, especially targeted alerts sent by the TOC regarding potentially compromised infrastructure.

H-ISAC would like to encourage members to provide and update Intelligence POCs which can be coordinated with our membership team. Organizations who wish to provide an email address for an internal distribution list are encouraged to do so.

Members are also encouraged to reach out to the TOC. For example, if you would like to receive a report of previously delivered alerts to ensure your team is working with all available vulnerability and threat intelligence directed to your organization. Have questions, email



SAFE Identity achieved a major milestone for its standards-based, interoperable Trust Framework for digital identity in healthcare with the publication of a new SAFE Identity Certificate Policy. The Certificate Policy is a set of technical specifications, interoperability criteria, compliance guidelines and liability rules that govern the SAFE Identity Trust Framework and are ratified by industry consensus through the SAFE Identity Policy Management Authority (PMA).

SAFE Identity also announced that Carillon Information Security Inc., a leading provider of trusted PKI Identity credentials, has achieved cross-certification by SAFE Identity under the new Certificate Policy and will now have the ability to issue digital certificates that will be trusted throughout the SAFE ecosystem.


Prevalent is offering members complimentary access to business and financial risk intelligence on 20 vendors with its Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM) solution. Register here for:

•- Continuous risk monitoring of 10 vendors you select plus the top 10 vendors covered by Prevalent

•- Centralized business and financial risk scores and analysis aggregated from 530,000+ sources

•- Unlimited access for procurement, IT security, risk, and other internal teams



H-ISAC MonthlyMember Threat Briefing

December 22 at 12pm EST


Partnered Event Medical Device Security 101 Virtual Conference

January 11-13, 2021

H-ISAC members receive a 10%discount. Look for code in theMember list server.


H-ISAC European Council Webinar Series: Security Awareness

December 16 at 7am EST


December 17 at 3pm Central European Time (CET)


Upcoming H-ISAC Summits

(Hybrid summits accommodate both in-person and live-stream virtual platforms)

23-25 March 2021 ….APAC Summit is canceled.

May 17-21, 2021….H-ISAC “Secured in Paradise” Hybrid Spring Summit in Naples, Florida.

Nov 29-Dec 3, 2021…H-ISAC Fall Summit in San Diego, California.




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