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Identity Management Day is dedicated to creating awareness about the importance of identity management and securing digital identities. Below are actionable steps that you can take to help spread the word about Identity Management Day and educate your colleagues, customers, and friends in the quest to Be Identity Smart.


Post reminders about Identity Management Day, identity management best practices and success stories on social media using our social cards and hashtags #IDMgmtDay and #BeIdentitySmart. Find resources here


Share identity management best practices with your colleagues and friends. Send an email with links to resources on the Identity Management Day website that advocate for more secure digital identities for organizations and consumers.


Follow the Identity Management Day sponsors on Twitter (@idsalliance and @staysafeonline) and LinkedIn (Identity Defined Security Alliance and National Cyber Security Alliance).



  • 04/13/2021
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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