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Thursday, July 22nd at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

When hospitals are barely able to keep up with basic cyber hygiene, what must they still get ahead of in order to best protect patient safety and the uptime of critical medical devices and related workflows? How can hospitals still move the needle to protect patient life against hyper-evolving cyber threats that threaten more than just privacy and reputation?

We’ll take a close look at how some of the most active, widespread, and notorious cybercriminal gangs, as well as their nation-state affiliate counterparts, continue to join forces to attack hospitals. We’ll expose newer highly destructive, automated, worming threats that have already evolved from where they left off in 2020’s pandemonium. More importantly, we’ll cover things hospitals of various sizes can actually do to get ahead of these threats by leveraging groundwork already laid, and by asking the harder questions that need to be answered anew in 2021.

This recorded video was first presented at the H-ISAC Spring Summit in May 2021


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  • 07/22/2021
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