Secure your identities and data with SAFE Identity

SAFE Identity is an industry consortium and certification body, supporting identity and cryptography in healthcare to enable trust, security, and user convenience. 

SAFE assures identities and data in virtual clinical trials, telehealth, medical devices and trusted data exchange in supply chains through free and membership-driven services. These services operationalize the use of SAFE Identity-certified credentials and applications tailored to healthcare organizations, partners and devices.

Rely on the SAFE Identity Trust Framework and Qualified Products List (QPL)

To best serve healthcare, SAFE operates a free and consensus-driven Trust Framework that defines the policies and rules needed to create and use globally interoperable digital identity credentials. As a healthcare relying party, your organization can leverage the SAFE Trust Framework to verify identities in digitally signed documents; authenticate individuals and devices before they gain access; and encrypt sensitive data across the community. Additionally, you can consult the SAFE Qualified Products List (QPL), a list of certified products that have been lab-tested at SAFE for compliance against industry and member-driven requirements. Both reliance on the Trust Framework and the SAFE Qualified Products List are offered to healthcare organizations at no cost.

Cross-Certify Existing Credentials

H-ISAC members have access to discounted rates for federating their existing compatible identity credentials with SAFE for cross-organizational trust between healthcare participants in the ecosystem.  Discounts are also available for joining the Policy Management Authority (PMA), a group of healthcare stakeholders who determine the identity policies that control the security and interoperability of the SAFE Identity Trust Framework.

Join Us: Influence the Healthcare IAM Community

– Take a seat at the PMA decision-making table to guide SAFE policies for your organization and industry.

– Work in peer groups to solve challenges and develop standards that shape the future.

– Share insights and ideas with like-minded individuals facing the same identity challenges.

About SAFE Identity

SAFE Identity, previously known as SAFE BioPharma,  is an industry consortium and certification body supporting identity assurance and cryptography in healthcare to enable trust, security and user convenience.  

A Trusted Identity Network

Enable your employee’s credentials to be trusted outside your organization and make the most of strong identity and cryptography

  • – Rely on the SAFE QPL when purchasing identity products
  • – Use SAFE signatures trusted by other organizations such as the FDA, DEA, other companies, vendors and partners
  • – Encrypt emails and documents both within your enterprise and between companies or other organizations

For more information on SAFE Identity, see their website at

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