Intel 471 has partnered with the H-ISAC to equip member organizations with benefits that provide real-time insight of existing and emerging threats within the cybercriminal underground and to enable members with proactive capabilities to mitigate impact to their organizations.

Intel 471 Cybercrime Intelligence


Intel 471 is the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence curated by infiltrating and maintaining access within closed sources (commonly known as the Deep and Dark Web). Leveraging this access, Intel 471 curates Adversary Intelligence focused on threat actor collaboration, communication and methodology to plan and carry out cyber-attacks.  This access also affords Intel 471 to provide proactive and actionable data on malware and adversary infrastructure.


H-ISAC Member Benefits

Cybercriminal CVE Weaponization Feed – Subscription

Additionally, H-ISAC members have access to a reduced cost subscription of actionable threat data curated from Intel 471’s CVE Weaponization collection and reporting. Members are able to ingest those significant data points and CVE’s within scanning and vulnerability tools to inform patch prioritization, highlight risk items critical to organizational governance and compliance and to support intelligence driven SOAR activity. This near-real time feed is delivered through API and as state changes occur within the cybercriminal underground relative to vulnerabilities being discussed, weaponized and sold for malicious activity – organizations are updated and equipped to mitigate and stay ahead of this threat.

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