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Hobby Exercise 2023 After Action Report

Executive Summary TLP: WHITE This report may be shared without restriction. Note: Health-ISAC Members may download the full version of the report from the Health-ISAC Threat Intelligence Portal (HTIP). Contact Membership Services for assistance.   In October...

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Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan 2024-2029

What health organizations need to be ready for in the next five years UnHack (The Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan) with Greg Garcia Episode 19 • 26th February 2024 • This Week Health: Conference • This Week Health Listen to the UnHack podcast on This Week...

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Groups Warn Health Sector of Change Healthcare Cyber Fallout

Some Researchers Confident ConnectWise ScreenConnect Flaw Was Exploited in Attack February 26, 2024     Marianne Kolbasuk McGee  Health-ISAC issued an advisory urging healthcare sector entities to closely monitor potential impact from the recent attack on Change...

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Monthly Newsletter – February 2024

February's Newsletter features: APAC Summit -- Register today.  Check out the special excursion after the summit  Now Available -- Health-ISAC's Annual Threat Landscape Report Spring Americas Summit -- Registration opening prepared to jump on the Summit...

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