Health-ISAC mention:

Many hospitals “end up in (the hackers’) crosshairs because they are underfunded and don’t have appropriate security controls in place,” said Errol Weiss, H-ISAC’s chief security officer.

Weiss told CNN that he believes many hospitals are quietly paying ransoms to hackers because the hospitals “are supporting life-critical functions and they have to get back into operation as soon as possible.”


Published 12:00 PM EDT, Thu April 6, 2023
CNN — 

Microsoft used a federal court order to try to cut off cybercriminals’ access to a hacking tool that has been used in nearly 70 ransomware attacks on health organizations in more than 19 countries, the tech giant said Thursday.

It’s one of the biggest moves yet by tech firms and hospitals to combat ransomware attacks that have hobbled US health care providers for years by forcing ambulances to be diverted or chemotherapy appointments to be canceled.


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