July Newsletter features:

  • European Summit one-day sale is July 15, hotel and keynote.
  • Fall Americas Summit call for papers is open.
  • TOC Spotlight: Government and Business Team Up for National Security Research
  • Supply Chain risk management white paper
  • First Health-ISAC workshop in India – November 5th
  • Links to Health-ISAC podcasts and blogs
  • Upcoming July Events


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Text version:

The 2024 European Summit in Greece – 3 months away!

Come to connect with and hear from industry leaders on emerging threats in AI for healthcare, patch management, post-breach resilience, and more.

Registration opens July 15th with an extremely low registration pice just for Members on that day!

Held at the beautiful Dolce Attica Riviera Resort. Be sure to book your room early. Space is limited. Hotel link: https://h-isac.org/summits/2024-european-summit-hotel/

Keynote Talk: The Global Cyber Legal Landscape: We Better Up Our Game

Among the world’s best-known privacy & cyber advisers, Lokke Moerel is regularly called upon by some of the world’s most complex multinational organizations to confront their global privacy and ethical challenges when implementing new technologies and digital business models and to assist them with their global cyber incident response and regulatory investigations.



Call for Papers is Open!

Members make meaningful content, so

submit your topic ideas today.

Watch the short Summit teaser video and hear from keynote, Carey Lorehnz.


Registration for the Fall Americas Summit opens September 16th. Mark your calendars to receive substantial savings.


Threat Operations Center Spotlight

Government and Business Team Up for National Security Research

Ethan Muntz, Strategic Threat Intelligence Analyst in Health-ISAC’s Threat Operations Center in Orlando, was accepted into the Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program (AEP) – a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiative that unites government analysts with private sector experts to tackle pressing national security challenges. Over an eight-month period, teams dive into topics of interest and produce intelligence reports that can be shared broadly.

Muntz joins the “US-China Competition: Tools of Power and Impacts” AEP team. He’s diving deeper into intelligence and analytic practices and collaborating with other experienced analysts in US-China relations. Through the AEP, Muntz increases his knowledge about Chinese foreign policy, new analytical techniques, and enhanced expertise in China affairs. The program deepens his intelligence analyst skills and helps Health-ISAC produce better reports for our Members.



Glean insights into the current state of supply chain risk management and its future. These insights can provide CISOs with questions to inform how their cybersecurity teams can best identify and mitigate risks in their environments. Link: https://h-isac.org/understanding-supply-chain-attacks-in-healthcare-white-paper/



Podcast: Understanding the Current Healthcare Cyber Threat Landscape with Errol Weiss.
Link: https://h-isac.org/cyber-from-the-frontlines-podcast-e8-healthcare-threat-landscape/


Podcast: The Current Threat Landscape in the Health Sector with Denise Anderson.
Link: https://h-isac.org/podcast-the-current-cyber-threat-landscape-in-the-healthcare-sector-with-health-isac/


Health-ISAC Medical Device Security Blog by Phil Englert: Remote Access into the Medical Environment – Understanding the Landscape and Mitigating Risks.
Link: https://1technation.com/remote-access-into-the-medical-device-environment-understanding-the-landscape-and-mitigating-risks/

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