Threat Intelligence Changes The Cybersecurity Game

Some security vendors offer generalized cyber threat intelligence (CTI) that originates from their own products. We’ve partnered with Perch Security and subsidized the cost for our members, so you can rapidly detect the cyber threats that impact you most.

Perch Lets You Act On Threat Intel Right Away

Perch is a managed threat detection and response (MDR) platform with or without a SIEM  It is a suite of tools designed to connect you with threat intelligence feeds so you can detect, review, and share with H-ISAC members:

Detect cyber threats against IT and OT with cloud or physical sensors.  Perch’s SIEM integrates with popular tools and services with no additional fees.

See the cyber threats other H-ISAC Perch users are detecting and share back to make the whole community stronger.

Rely on H-ISAC’s Threat Operations Center for tier-1 alert triage and escalation.  The is a Perch analyst working side-by-side with H-ISAC personnel to support your systems.

Perch streamlines the detection process, communication with community members, and facilitates alert resolution. It lets you connect with other communities or threat intel; and lets you visually sort and filter alerts from each of your sources.

H-ISAC Threat Operations Center Does The Legwork

For H-ISAC members, Perch is monitored by our in-house certified analysts. We’re quite specialized in responding to the types of alerts you face and escalating serious threats for remediation when they rear their heads.

Get Started with Perch Today

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