Managed threat detection for the rest of us

Perch and H-ISAC have teamed up to provide a highly effective, low cost threat detection platform for health sector members.  Subsidized by H-ISAC, the Perch solution is managed by an analyst at our Threat Operations Center and incorporates your choice of threat intelligence.  As an H-ISAC member, you are also eligible to take advantage of H-ISAC community intelligence free of charge.  Win-win!

Ideal for small organizations

With Perch, small organizations with limited budgets can now afford the same type of managed threat detection that previously only large Enterprises could afford.  Perch takes the worry out of threat detection.  A Perch analyst provides tier-1 support, alerting you only in the event of real threats to your network.  If you are looking to launch your program or elevate it to the next level, look no further.

Great for large Enterprises too

Already have threat intelligence analysts on your payroll?  While a Perch analyst works to triage every alert and escalate real threats, your analysts can use Perchybana–an intuitive analysis tool that allows users to more efficiently search, view, and interact with data stores for all traffic from the IDS and data from your system logs. 

Especially after mergers or acquisitions

It is difficult enough to manage one or two networks.  But what do you do when you have desparate systems from another organization or division?  With Perch, you can implement sensors into each of your systems and manage centrally, saving the headaches and FTEs required to management separately.

Build resilience

By using H-ISAC threat intelligence with Perch, you can help to build resilience and greater situational awareness across the entire sector.  To do so, you need to:

  • – Detect the threats H-ISAC tells you about
  • – See the threats other members are detecting
  • – Share your intelligence back to the community.

With Perch’s automation behind the scenes, you and other members can share sightings back to the H-ISAC community without any additional work. The more sharing, the better the data, and stronger your defense.  Additionally, you can enter, manage, and share your own threat indicators. You can even build your own threat intelligence repository with Perch, at a fraction of the traditional TIP price tag. However you use it, Perch give you more control of your threat data, and lets you give back to your community.

It only costs how much?

Let’s just say that you get a great solution at a ridiculous price.  H-ISAC’s mission is to build resilience in the health sector though our sharing community and providing industry-specific threat intelligence.  With Perch, you get the best of both.  That is why H-ISAC decided to cover most of the cost for our members.  You will not achieve a greater ROI on any other security purchase.  So if you want to maximize your spend, contact us.


Is Perch a TIP?

Perch is not a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP); you could think of a TIP as an intelligence server, and Perch as an intelligence client. You can use Perch with a TIP, but a TIP is not required – Perch works perfectly well without one.

Do I need anything extra for Perch to work?

All you need to make Perch work for you is a membership with an intel sharing community (like H-ISAC). You do not need to purchase any other security tools or hire analysts. (We like to call Perch a SIEM-less solution.)

Does Perch offer a SIEM?

Yes – Although Perch does not require a SIEM, if you require a SIEM for logging, log management, analytics, or some other reason, Perch can provide that too.  Because all Perch solutions are created in-house with Perch expertise, you will get the same great value buying your SIEM direct.  

How do I set up my sensor? Where?

Perch sensors monitor a network segment via a TAP or SPAN port. They work best in an “inside the firewall” configuration. We created an easy to follow Setup Guide that comes with your sensor.

Learn more

Sign up for our upcoming webinar on May 28 to learn more about Perch, our special offer, and how you can improve your threat environment.  Alternatively, request more information here and an expert contact you shortly.

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