Interview with Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer, Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (Health-ISAC).

“Cybercriminals continue to evolve and are very sophisticated and determined to monetize vulnerabilities. Now we’re hearing about double and triple extortion cases.”





Recorded 10am, 24th March 2023, Resort World Sentosa Singapore by Jane Lo.


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In this interview, held a day after the conclusion of the inaugural APAC Health-ISAC Summit held in Singapore, Errol shared his insights on APAC cyber threats and defenses in the health sector.
Some topics covered include:
  • – Health-ISAC’s Executive Summary Annual Threat Report 2023 “Current and Emerging Healthcare Cyber Threat Landscape”
  • – Evolution of ransomware threat actors and motivations, since the 2016 WannaCry ransomware
  • – Cyber defense postures
  • – Regulations such as mandatory breach reporting
  • – Increased sophistication of social engineering threats potentially posed by ChatGPT
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