Key Benefits

100 Million Average Daily Blocks

20+ Threat Intelligence Providers

150 Resolver Clusters located in 90 countries

DNS-Over-TLS, DNS-Over-HTTPS, and the DNSCrypt protocols to authenticate, encrypt and even anonymize the communication between your computer and Quad9’s resolvers

Privacy:  When an entity or an individual is using the Quad9 infrastructure, their IP address is not logged

Public DNS Resolver

A free and open DNS recursive service providing all enterprises and users with security and high privacy

The Quad9 DNS service protects users from accessing known malicious websites, leveraging threat intelligence from industry leaders and blocking over 100 million threats per day for users in 90 countries. Quad9 improves your system’s performance, plus it preserves and protects your privacy.

Unique Offering

Quad9 is free to use and collects no personal data about you!

Quad9 can be used simply by setting the DNS server settings for your device. No sign-up is required, no account data needs to be given to Quad9, and there is no contract!

You can configure your router or WIFI access point to distribute these settings, which will extend protection to all the elements on your local network…AND…your employees can us the same solution to protect their personal devices!


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