Ascension is the latest healthcare system hit with a crippling cyberattack. Why is healthcare so vulnerable, and what’s to be done about it?


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Carrie Pallardy, Contributing Reporter

May 16, 2024

Pulled quotes from Health-ISAC’s Chief Security Officer, Errol Weiss:

Whether the goal of threat actors is purely financial or not, the toll of these continuing cyberattacks is going to be human. “It’s inevitable that’s going to happen one day, that somebody will not be able to receive lifesaving care because of one of these ransomware events,” says Errol Weiss, the CSO of the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Health-ISAC).

Mounting Pressure [of cybersecurity Concerens]

It’s getting more attention in the boardroom, more attention [from] senior leadership with the organizations,” says Weiss. “Now, the pressure is really on to see what they can do in terms of trying to identify additional resources … coming down to more money, more spend on technology to help protect … organizations.”

While healthcare organizations are facing more pressure to improve cybersecurity, are they equipped to do so? “We just seem to be fighting that forever battle of trying to identify resources,” says Weiss.

3rd party supply chain attacks

“I’m encouraging organizations to use their imagination and factor those kinds of events into tabletop exercises and other contingency planning that they do going forward,” Weiss urges.

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