Expert: As the Military Invasion, Cyberattacks Escalate, Entities Must Prepare

As Russia’s military invasion and cyberattacks on Ukraine escalate, critical infrastructure entities, including those in the health and public health sector of the U.S. and other countries condemning Russia’s actions, must also be on high alert for potentially disruptive cyber assaults, some experts warn.

Health-ISAC’s chief information officer, Errol Weiss, as quoted in February 24, 2022 article for HealthcareInfo Security:


Information Sharing


Errol Weiss, chief security officer of the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, tells Information Security Media Group that it in light of the escalation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the group is issuing additional reports and intelligence for its members, including strategic analysis and possible implications for healthcare and pharmaceutical firms.

Health-ISAC has also published common exploits observed in a Russian state-sponsored toolkit and remediation strategies from the Health Sector Coordinating Council and CISA, he says.

“Health-ISAC received a number of alerts and briefings from government and other subject matter experts on the geopolitical threats the sectors face as a result of the Eastern European situation,” he says.

“Health-ISAC and our members globally are currently monitoring the rapidly developing events very closely to determine any anomalies or impacts from geopolitical tensions and shoring up business continuity plans as well as cybersecurity policies, plans and procedures.”

In the U.S., for example, Health-ISAC has established sharing protocols with the Department of Homeland Security, HHS, the FBI and the Office of the National Cyber Director and others to ensure the delivery of timely indicators of compromise, vulnerability and threat information to help protect members’ networks, Weiss says.

“Health-ISAC has established communication and reporting mechanisms with many government agencies to provide a common operating picture of the health sector during times of crisis like what we’re seeing unfold now.”


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