Solution Benefits

Detect and Respond
SafeGuard Cyber enables the detection of advanced attacks, including social engineering, fraud, and phishing – helping you close critical gaps in Enterprise security across the earliest stages of the modern kill chain.

Detect Threats Other Tools Miss
Unlike existing solutions that rely on logs, agents, or behavior analysis, our patented Natural Language Understanding technology empowers proactive detection of threats earlier in the kill chain, saving you time and money spent in remediation after compromise.

↑ MTTD & MTTR ↓ Costs
Decrease MTTD/R with higher efficacy so teams can focus on preventing breaches and prioritizing alerts that matter. Avoid costs to your business in fines and disruption while reducing overhead with automation and capability consolidation.

Deploy Rapidly
SafeGuard Cyber’s cloud-based, API first platform doesn’t require the deployment and maintenance of agents, data feeds, network configurations or infrastructure. Improve your teams’ efficiency, while removing barriers to digital transformation by securing the modern remote workforce.

Secure Business Communications

Security and Compliance for Human Connections

Humans are without question the biggest vulnerability in an Enterprises’ Security and Compliance strategy. Industry data indicates that 85% of all breaches last year involved exploiting human vulnerabilities.

The ways that people communicate in business are changing and expanding. It’s no longer just about email. In fact, 45% of business communications now take place outside of email. With work from home and BYOD here to stay, digital transformation initiatives result in your workers communicating across Collaboration, Messaging, Chat, Video, Social, and email channels. As the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors deploy new tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, it’s now critical for them to protect the enterprise and humans in the cloud workplace where critical business, customer, and private information is being shared. With SafeGuard Cyber, Security, and Compliance teams can keep pace with the way their employees communicate.

SafeGuard Cyber addresses business communication risks that occur in collaboration, chat, conferencing, social media, mobile chat, and email. Some of the common initiatives we attach to are Zero Trust, Remote Work, Digital Transformation, and Regulatory Compliance. Security teams can detect and respond sooner to credential theft, account takeovers, insider threats, malware, ransomware, and social engineering. Compliance teams can enable CRM free text, mobile messaging, social selling, and data retention with confidence.

Exclusive Offer for H-ISAC Members

It’s easy to get started.

1. Pick your communication channel(s)
2. Get Instant Visibility with a no-cost trial & Zero Deployment
3. Receive your summary Risk Report

For all H-ISAC members, SafeGuard Cyber will provide a 4-week trial and a no-cost Risk Report. H-ISAC members will also receive a 16-month license for our standard annual license fee of 12 months (four months free).


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