Discover all known, unknown, and outdated APIs automatically and continuously to eliminate blind spots and determine sensitive data exposure like PHI.

Stop API attacks using patented AI, big data, and behavioral analytics to pinpoint attackers early during reconnaissance and prevent them from advancing.

Improve API security with detailed insights for DevOps teams so they can understand risk and efficiently prioritize fixes to eliminate vulnerabilities at their source in the API.

Simplify compliance with up-to-date documentation that includes a complete API inventory with your full API catalog, the sensitive data they expose, and when changes are made.

API Security Solution

Never Worry About Your APIs Again

Salt Security, the leader in API protection, enables organizations to catalog their APIs, see where those APIs are exposing sensitive data, detect and block API attackers, and provide developer insights that improve your API security posture. Using big data along with ML and AI, the Salt platform keeps API-connected data and services safe, even as those systems change.


Unique Offering

No-cost API security risk assessment

Salt is offering H-ISAC members a complementary API security risk analysis. This assessment details gaps in API documentation, pinpoints the APIs that are exposing PHI or other sensitive data, and identifies API vulnerabilities. We will work with you to identify the application environment you want to assess, and you’ll have the full report in less than a week.

 Three free months of API protection

In addition to the no-cost assessment, Salt will extend the value of its offer for H-ISAC members by offering a 15-month term for the price of a 12-month term. Throughout this additional service window, you’ll retain full access to our robust customer success team along with all software updates and enhancements.

To take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below and share your contact information – we’ll respond right away to get your assessment scheduled.

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