In the fight against bad actors, cyber threat intelligence is a critical weapon. But it’s not enough to just have cyber threat intelligence: you have to use it effectively. Joining H-ISAC is a great step, since they provide high quality intelligence that’s relevant to the healthcare community.

H-ISAC uses Soltra® as a repository to collect and share cyber threat intelligence. Using your own instance of Soltra allows you to do so much more than just receive data. With Soltra, you can turn threat intelligence into security. Here are just a few of the things Soltra empowers you to do:

Aggregate all your cyber threat intelligence into one platform so you have an authoritative repository of threat intelligence from all your sources, including H-ISAC, the Celerium PickUpStix feed, our AIS refeed, endpoint devices, etc.

Normalize the data for easy interoperability and feed it into the right tool, such as a SIEM, for maximum effectiveness

Prioritize threats and automate action to significantly improve your response time

Make your network more secure by reducing your attack surface

In addition to Soltra, Celerium™ offers solutions that reduce friction in the cyber threat life cycle by unifying teams with secure person-to-person collaboration and accelerating defensive actions. Celerium’s solutions bridge the gap between human-to-human and machine-to-machine sharing, allowing you to be the hero of your organization and save the day from cyberattacks.

Special pricing is available for H-ISAC members!

Let Celerium show you how seamless your cyber threat life cycle can be.

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