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We are pleased to offer this Sponsor Portal to answer and address all of your sponsorship needs.  Use this page to determine which sponsorship you would like to secure for your organization.  Then follow the guidelines, important dates and deadlines and other information available to you on this page.

We appreciate your participation in another successful H-ISAC Summit!

What is a “Hybrid” Summit?

We want to assure you that we are making plans for a great event in Phoenix for those attendees will be able to travel and join us. For those who may have restricted travel plans or budgets, we are pleased to offer “Sharing at the Oasis” virtually as well. We look forward to delivering an excellent program, with plenty of time for attendees to network among colleagues and share best practices gained from recent experiences.

Please click here to see our improved on-site event Safety Protocols.

Learn which sponsorship and attendance method is right for you at the Health-ISAC Hybrid Fall Summit: In-person in Phoenix or interacting on our new virtual platform. And meet the Emcee for “Sharing at the Oasis”.

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All registered Sponsor Representative Attendees received an email to access the virtual platform, Pathable.  If you cannot locate the email or do not remember your password, click below and reset your password to get access.

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Note:  Securing your sponsorship does NOT mean you are registered to attend the Summit.


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You will receive an email inviting you to our NEW Sponsor Management Tool.  From here, you will be able to register your attendee(s), build your virtual booth, manage all your deliverables and deadlines, and more!

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Book Your Hotel

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Room Rate: USD 189.00/night ++

Deadline: November 7, 2020. Please reference H-ISAC Fall Summit when booking your room.

Review the hotel’s cleaning standards here.

Important Dates

Upcoming Deadlines

Registration Closes: November 24, 2020


Past Deadlines

Call for Papers Opens: July 13, 2020
Call for Papers Closes: August 28, 2020
Notice of Paper Acceptance: September 14, 2020
Registration Opens: September 28, 2020
Non-Refundable Deposit Due: October 12, 2020
Initial Presentations Due: October 12, 2020
Full Sponsor Payment Due: November 2, 2020
Hotel Reservation Cut-Off:  November 7, 2020
App Banner Due: November 10, 2020
Final Presentations Due: November 13, 2020*

*No Changes to Presentations Will be Accepted On-Site

Speaking Sponsorship Information

(Anchor, Platinum or Gold)

Call for Papers Now Closed

There has never been a more important time for Healthcare’s security professionals and the broader IT community to come together to hear from experts in the field, collaborate, discuss and to share ideas.

As we prepare for the event, we are currently seeking dynamic speakers with throught provoking presentations. Share your case studies, lessons learned, real time strategies (best practices), or current challenges with leaders in the global healthcare community.

“Sharing at the Oasis” is planned to be a hybrid summit.  By submitting, you consent that your presentation will be broadcast to our virtual attendees.

If you have any questions, please email us at summit@h-isac.org

**Any presentation involving an H-ISAC Member and a Vendor is considered a “Sponsorship” and must be submitted under the Vendor category, not “Member” or “Non-Member”.  Any abstract submitted in the wrong category will be declined and not considered by the H-ISAC Content Planning Committee.

Guidance for Summit Presentation

Presentation Template

ALL Sponsorship Logistics Information

Unsanctioned Events – As outlined in the Terms and Conditions in the Sponsor Prospectus, any event outside of those listed in the sponsor prospectus must be approved in advance by H-ISAC.  H-ISAC is open to working with you, on specific defined events and/or request events outside of the official Summit functions. Please email summit@h-isac.org  to request approval for these events.

If there is any unapproved Sponsor Event held before, during, or after any part of the Summit the sponsor will be invoiced for the appropriate sponsorship level posted on the prospectus and can be barred from future Summits.

Full Conference Passes – H-ISAC has a 1:4 sponsor to attendee ratio. H-ISAC will adhere to the number of passes listed in the Sponsor Prospectus.  Any attempt to manipulate passes for additional sponsor attendees could result in a penalty of organization exclusion from future H-ISAC Summits. Note: Anchor, Platinum and Gold Sponsors, your speakers are part of this pass count and are NOT additional.  Please plan accordingly.

Sponsor Attendees –  We highly encourage sponsor attendees to attend general and breakout sessions (unless labeled “Members Only”).  It is our intent to share knowledge that will benefit the entire healthcare community and your attendees can contribute their knowledge and gain some additional to share back to the community.  Sponsor attendees should network and build relationships at all of the events–they’re fun too!

Name Badges – A valid form of identification (such as driver’s license or passport) is required to pick up your name badge and conference materials. All attendees are REQUIRED to wear the provided name badge at all times.  Do not change your lanyard, it is one of the ways we identify members vs. sponsors.  Any attempt to share name badge, swap lanyards, or otherwise manipulate the registration badges may result in expulsion from the Summit.

Opt-in Attendee List – Attendees have the option to share their contact information upon registration.  If they opt-in, they will be included on the Opt-in Attendee List.  This list will only be provided once – two weeks prior to the event via email and will only include title and company. No hard copy will be provided. The virtual platform tracks every digital click that is considered a lead for you. You will have more exposure and qualified leads with this Hybrid Summit than from our previous Summits and will be able to schedule 1:1 meetings and network with opt-in Summit attendees. 

Booth Specifications – Each exhibitor will be provided with an exhibit space.  Electrical, two chairs and a 6’x30″ table will be included.  You are responsible for bringing any additional signage, promotional items, etc.  All signs and promotional material cannot exceed the width of the table and may not overlap any other exhibitors’ displays.

Electric/Audio Visual – H-ISAC will cover basic electrical costs to sponsored booths. Sponsors are responsible for any additional AV. Order Electrical and A/V here.  Deadline to order is November 9.

Shipments – You may schedule any shipments to arrive at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa after Monday, November 23. The shipping label is coming soon and will be included in the sponsor logistics invitation email. Please clearly mark your company and representative’s names on this label. Doing this will increase the speed at which your items will be delivered to your booth. Handling charges may apply.

Please note: You MUST have a cc Auth Form on file with the hotel by November 9.

BadgerScan – H-ISAC encourages all in-person sponsors to use the app BadgerScan to receive attendees’ information through the QR code on their badge. To see how BadgerScan works, please visit www.badgerscan.org. While we support you obtaining attendees’ information for having follow-up discussions, we highly encourage you to speak with attendees, have meaningful conversations that show genuine interest in the person and/or their organization.  Feedback from attendees has repeatedly told us they do NOT want to hear sales pitches.  Data shows attendees are more likely to pursue and purchase a product/service from someone they have had meaningful discussions with and built a trusted relationship.

Giveaways – H-ISAC will have prize drawings for the completed Exhibitor Cards during the conference closing. In your packet on-site, you will find an example of the Exhibitor Card and the stickers you will use to signify each attendee’s visit to your booth. You have the option to do a raffle from attendee business cards you have gathered during the conference or from the Exhibitor Cards we collect. If participating, complete a pre-draw and bring your prize, your business card, and the prize winner’s name to the registration desk no later than 3:00PM on Thursday. Backup prize winners are suggested as attendees must be present to win (H-ISAC will not ship any prizes).

Useful Links:

Sponsorship Prospectus: https://h-isac.org/summits/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/09/2020-H-ISAC-Fall-Sponsor-Prospectus.pdf

Shipping Label: https://h-isac.org/summits/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/10/2020-H-ISAC-Fall-Summit-shipping-label.pdf

Electrical and AV Order Form: https://h-isac.org/summits/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/07/PSAV-Exhibitor-Order-Form-2020.pdf

Electrical and AV Credit Authorization Form: https://h-isac.org/summits/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/07/PSAV-2020-Credit-Card-Authorization.pdf

How to Have a Successful Event

We take attendee feedback very seriously and here is what they’re saying….

“This was my first H-ISAC Summit and I found it very valuable, meeting people on the front lines, hearing other people’s experiences. The vendors were also full of useful information.”

“This is by far the best ISAC summit. Great networking, great activities, great H-ISAC staff, great event staff, great location.”

“The networking opportunities were great!  It gave us a great chance to meet with our clients and put faces with names/voices!”

“H-ISAC is a great organization and I’m glad to be a part of it. Important work is being done here!”

I noticed when it was a vendor presenting it felt more like a product push instead of providing content on the topic. While their product may help in a particular area I felt it was too “sale pitchy” at times.

The {Presentation} was excellent but I feel the message was too high level for the audience.

More talk tracks related to other security topics (i.e. awareness, third party, risk management….etc.) alongside the medical device talk track. Maybe have more interaction sessions to deter people from sitting on their devices during sessions.

Ask the presenters of the breakout sessions to go into a little more detail about their topic – i.e. provide specific examples, statistics, etc…. Many presentations were too watered-down.

What does this mean for you?

DO – Engage and interact with attendees in a personable manner.  Create meaningful dialogue and build trusting relationships.  Remember, data shows a person is more likely to purchase from someone they know/trust.

DON’T – Push your product/service.

DO – Ask attendee if it is OK for you to scan their badge and do a follow-up with them.

DON’T – Place your scanner in front of someone’s badge and prevent them from entering/exiting an area without being scanned.

DO – Attend the special events and network.  We include a lot of fun activities throughout the Summit so that people can relax and get to know eachother outside of a professional environment.  It fosters relationships and trust that better the healthcare community wholly.

DON’T – Sit at your exhibit table and wait for people to come speak to you.  Attend the sessions and meet people.

DO – Keep your booth up through the last networking break.  It is the final chance for attendees to get their exhibitor card stamped and your final opportunity to make a connection.

DON’T – Break your booth down early.  It makes you and us look bad and does not optimize your investment.


Hotel Details
Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
8000 Arizona Grand Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Reservations by phone: (877) 800-4888
Please reference H-ISAC Fall Summit

Book your reservation here.

H-ISAC Group rate is $189/night ++
Cut off date is November 7, 2020 or until room block is sold

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is taking all necessary steps to keep H-ISAC Summit attendees safe and healthy.
Please view their cleaning standards here.

Do not use a 3rd party reservation service/agent as the hotel will not be able to guarantee your reservation.

Thank you for Sponsoring our Summit!