Automate your feeds with intelligent security

Whether you are just getting started with threat detection and alerting, looking to make threat intelligence actionable, or searching for ways to optimize your SOC with customizable playbooks, Cyware has integrated virtual cyber fusion solutions to help you take your security operations and threat response to the next level.  

H-ISAC and Cyware have teamed up to provide H-ISAC qualifying members with preferred pricing (5-10% off MSRP) of CTIX, CTIX Lite, CSOL, CSAP, CFTR.

Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP)

A real-time threat information sharing and communication platform for faster and better informed cyber threat response. 

Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX)

An innovative threat intelligence platform (TIP) to automatically aggregate, enrich, and analyze threat indicators in a collaborative ecosystem.

Security Orchestration Gateway (CSOL)

A universal, security orchestration gateway that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your security team through faster, smarter actions.

Fusion & Threat Response (CFTR)

A cyber fusion-powered full-incident analysis and response platform, designed to facilitate collaboration between disparate security teams against malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors affecting digital and human assets in real-time.

About Cyware


Cyware helps enterprise cybersecurity teams build platform-agnostic virtual cyber fusion centers. Cyware is transforming security operations by delivering the cybersecurity industry’s only Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) technology. Built on innovation designed by SecOps practitioners and cybersecurity leaders, Cyware offers multiple technologies within its next-generation platform, including advanced threat intelligence solutions (TIP) for large and small security teams, vendor-agnostic security automation (SOAR), and security case management. As a result, organizations are able to increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and analyst burnout. Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion solutions make secure collaboration, information sharing, and enhanced threat visibility a reality for enterprises, sharing communities (ISAC/ISAO), MSSPs, and government agencies of all sizes and needs.

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