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How the rapid shift to remote work impacted IT complexity
and post-pandemic security priorities



As organizations prepare for a “new normal” coming out of the pandemic, IT and security teams face new challenges associated with the trajectory of IT infrastructure. In a short time, the pandemic has proven out a new operating model for many, while concurrently resetting worker expectations.

IT and security teams responded urgently, with many deploying stopgap measures to support ongoing business operations. As the post-pandemic reality comes into focus, these same teams will need to formalize policies, infrastructure, and operations to effectively secure and scale their businesses.

For many, this is an urgent priority for the coming year.

IT and security teams have certainly risen to the occasion to keep organizations and their employees productive through one of the wildest years in history. Humans are resilient creatures, and those in the technology world certainly did not disappoint.

But as the world begins to recover from it all, technology has evolved with some notable changes, requiring organizations to rethink many of their operational fundamentals. To discover how organizations were impacted, Axonius partnered with ESG to survey IT and security professionals across a wide range of industries.

This report shares the overall results and highlights areas where respondents from the healthcare industry differed significantly from other industries.


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