The ZeroFox Platform is an easy to deploy, always-on, cloud-based digital risk protection and full spectrum threat intelligence solution giving organizations comprehensive visibility and protection across the surface, deep and dark web. The ZeroFox Platform Enables:

– Omnichannel Visibility

– AI-Enabled Threat Discovery

– Full-Spectrum Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting

– Automated Takedowns & Comprehensive Adversary Disruption


External Threat Intelligence and Protection for the Assets You Own on the Networks You Don’t

ZeroFox provides enterprises External Threat Intelligence and Protection to disrupt threats to brands, people, assets and data across the public attack surface in one, comprehensive platform. With complete global coverage across the surface, deep and dark web and an Intel-backed artificial intelligence-based analysis engine, the ZeroFox Platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. The patented ZeroFox Platform technology processes and protects millions of posts, messages and accounts daily across the social and digital landscape, spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Instagram, Pastebin, YouTube, mobile app stores, domains, cloud-based email and more.

Unique Offering

H-ISAC Tier 1 members can sign up for a free annual Risk Findings Report. The report highlights real example and findings across our capabilities including socially engineered attacks, impersonations, brand reputation risks and domain detection among other use-cases:

– Company Name (Qty 1) Digital Threats to your organization, reputation, and revenue

– Executive/VIPS (Qty 3) VIP impersonations, account hacking, credential theft and spear phishing

– Domain (Qty 1) Identify impersonating and spoofed domains

H-ISAC members can sign up for 30 days of free service with the option to convert to an annual discounted subscription:

– Brand Protection (Qty 1) Protect your organization, reputation and revenue against targeted digital attacks

– Executive Protection (Qty 5) Protect VIPs against impersonations, account hacking, credential theft and spear phishing

– Domain Protection (Qty 1) Identify and dismantle impersonating and spoofed domains to protect owned websites

– Remediations (Qty Unlimited) Takedown of content that violates terms of services for publicly accessible sources

– Exposure or Research Report (Qty 1) Custom analyst research report covering organizational exposure or special topics of interest Threat Intelligence Services Finished intelligence, third-party risks and geopolitical reports

– Report of Findings (Qty 1) Summary of the first 30 days of ZeroFOX engagement and results

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