Health-ISAC recently asked Members for feedback to see what features Members find beneficial and what challenges are still in need of fulfillment. The candid feedback will help Health-ISAC be more attentive to Membership needs and the needs within the healthcare industry.

Access the 2022 Health-ISAC Membership Satisfaction Survey Results here:

2022 H-ISAC Member Satisfaction Survey Results Lite TLP White

The survey results are full of interesting insights, such as: 

Regardless of organization size, Members say 4 of their top 5 biggest challenges are related to resource availability or development.
Member organizations under $5B in annual revenue are looking for more support for their daily operations and Member organizations over $5B are looking for more strategic support.
Health-ISAC Membership recognizes a very high level of value over the entire range of Health-ISAC offerings with an average “total value” score (Outstanding or Very Good or Some Value) of 76% out of 100%.
The only services that did not rank above 60% on total value also had the highest responses for Don’t Know / Don’t Use.
The high NPS score of 77 shows that Members are very willing to recommend Membership (Starbucks also has an NPS score of 77!)
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