Health-ISAC Ambassador Program

Health-ISAC’s mission of increasing healthcare resiliency through collaboration knows no borders. The goal is to maintain the availability, security and privacy of vital medical data and patient safety everywhere.

The Ambassador program was created to amplify and accelerate adoption of a simple message — that by creating a community for sharing of threats, incidents, and best practices, we can create a more secure and resilient healthcare sector.

Health-ISAC’s Ambassador program has partnered with recognized global brands capable of reaching larger healthcare security audiences around the world.

Mastercard was the first to accept this Ambassador opportunity and aligned itself to this mission through its RiskRecon platform to mitigate risk for global healthcare operators.

Google became the second Ambassador to rise above commercial interests and to assist by amplifying the mission objective to help improve safety and security for patients around the world.

Sharing and collaboration across the global healthcare ecosystem is a low risk, high reward solution to the ongoing risks and threats facing the healthcare sector.

“Partnering with Health-ISAC just makes sense. We share a common vision that building a safe and reliable health ecosystem is our collective responsibility and keeps with values of respecting and protecting each other. This partnership should inspire other organizations with skills and capabilities that can contribute to these outcomes to join us,”

Phil Venables, CISO, Google Cloud.

As an Ambassador partner, Google Cloud will bring experts and resources to partner with the healthcare community and its leadership. Googlers will work with defenders and leaders in the global health sector, sharing knowledge we’ve learned building and deploying secure technology at Google.  We’re excited to be working with organizations like Health-ISAC and those on the forefront of building communities and protecting societies.

On the journey to being resilient, one thing is for certain: Working together can make all the difference.

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