Whitepaper Series for CISOs on Identity Access Management

This series of Health-ISAC whitepapers are designed to provide CISOs – and the broader health care community – a holistic guide on how to best approach Identity and Access Management (IAM) and its role in managing cybersecurity risk. The series will provide an explanation of key concepts, outline a framework and best practices, investigate the various identity solutions, and highlight the aspects of effective implementation.

Health-ISAC Biometrics for Healthcare – A Cure-all for Identity Woes?

Remote Identity Proofing – A Health-ISAC Guide for CISOs

Identity and Zero Trust – A Health-ISAC Guide for CISOs

Identity, Operability, Patient Access and the 21st Century Cures Act

Health-ISAC Framework for CISOs to Manage Identity

Identity for the CISO Not Yet Paying Attention to Identity

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