Health-ISAC Membership

Health-ISAC’s core benefit is its trusted global community and member forum for coordinating, collaborating and sharing vital Physical and Cyber Threat Intelligence and best practices with each other.

Health-ISAC members share information on what they are seeing on a real-time basis every single day and are able to take that shared intelligence and use it in their environments to create situational awareness, inform risk-based decision-making and mitigate against threats. This type of sharing helps increase the resilience of the nation’s healthcare and public health critical infrastructure.

Joining Health-ISAC is one of the best ways healthcare and public health organizations can protect their organizations and customers against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities while taking an active role contributing to safeguarding our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Malicious cyber attackers share information in order to harm Healthcare. Health-ISAC is the trusted community that healthcare and public health organizations can join to share vital Threat Intelligence in order to increase resiliency in the HPH sector. Protect your organization’s Brand Equity, Patients and Consumers against cyber security threats and vulnerabilities while taking an active role contributing to safeguarding our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Members become part of a trusted circle

Health-ISAC members share vital threat Intel as well as valuable threat mitigation strategies amongst themselves collectively reducing the risk of potential attacks and adding needed layers of resilient defenses.

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Real-Time Information Sharing

Machine to machine data sharing means advanced warning against possible attacks. Automated Intelligence Sharing (AIS) is the goal we pursue to ensure seamless information sharing is processed in order to proactively mitigate risk associated with vulnerabilities in today’s HPH cyber world.

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World-Class Tools and Expert Guidance

Members are world-class security professionals willing to share their experience and practices. Health-ISAC offers members complimentary solutions to expand or augment their current resources. When calamitous issues arise, you will appreciate the benefits of your expanded network of 100’s of analysts watching over each other.

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Participation Activities & Events

We help you engage in and increase your networking opportunities with many member driven activities. Bi-Annual Summits, foster security enrichment as well as the fellowship of like-minded colleagues. Regional workshops offer members the opportunity to host local events intended to distribute high-level security practices to non-members seeking assistance in many sub sectors of HPH.

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Community Services Program

Community Services is a group of incremental security services offered by Health-ISAC focused on reducing cyber security risks within the vulnerable HPH community of members who may lack the resources for obtaining these tools. Click here to learn more about Community Services.

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Working Groups & Committees

Do you see a security trend or topic that current literature does not seem to address? Health-ISAC gives members the opportunity to meet and discuss many such issues that offer all participants the chance to hear alternative points of view or valuable solutions

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Health-ISAC continues to expand the integration of technology to support healthcare innovation, maintain healthcare delivery, while managing HIPAA privacy challenges that all HPH stakeholders require.

Moving from a ‘reactive‘ to a ‘proactive‘ security stance requires trusted national critical infrastructure (sector and cross-sector) public and private security situational awareness intelligence and nationwide information sharing.

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Healthcare & Public Health Critical Infrastructure Resilience

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