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Providing organizations with affordable access to shared data and enhanced security services and making it easy to locate trusted vendors and to obtain lower member rates due to our volume pricing.

IP & Digital Risk Monitoring

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Identity & Access Management

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Security Operations Services

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Third Party Risk Management

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This service is used by healthcare organizations with the following use cases:

+ Real-time social media monitoring and situational awareness

+ Social media abuse, malicious domain, and mobile app detection

+ Exposure and sale of confidential and proprietary information

+ Executive protection and location-based threat detection

+ Continuous third-party vendor & partner reputation monitoring

IP and digital risk monitoring


There are vast amounts of digital data being created and shared. An expanding and persistently changing organizational digital footprint (the activities, actions and communications that can be passively or actively collected by third parties when using digital devices & services) is the new normal. It is a struggle for many healthcare organizations to identify, prioritize and mitigate external digital risk. This exponential growth of your digital footprint makes your organization more vulnerable to a new class of threats and heightens existing risk. This problem requires a digital risk focused threat intelligence platform that can adjust and adapt to breaking situations analysts must triage and mitigate to maintain organizational resiliency and protect its reputation.


The threat intelligence platform will enhance your organization’s ability to protect confidential data, organizational reputation and customer experience. This Shared service provides focused coverage on digital channels on surface, social and dark webs to detect threats in real-time as well as expert support to investigate and mitigate threats. The availability of this solution helps forward the H-ISAC goal of enabling the healthcare industry to increase situational awareness, real-time defenses and the capability to perform analysis of digital threats.

What Are The Key Benefits?

+ Meets regulatory requirements

+ Reduce Risks

+ Increase business and cost efficiencies

+ Improve cyber security

+ Enables secure collaboration with external partners and applications throughout the supply chain

Identity and access management

What do SAFE-BioPharma Certified Identity and Access Management Services Offer?

Identity Trust Ecosystem

A single, trusted cyber identity recognized across all participating ecosystems

Digital Signatures

Legally binding and globally recognized for electronic submissions, electronic prescriptions, electronic health records, contracts, etc.

Cyber Security

Mitigates threats resulting from weak identity trust

Protects confidentiality and information integrity

Workflow Automation

Significantly improve workflows migrated from labor-intensive paper-based processes

Regulatory Compliance

Meets requirements for FDA, EMA, and DEA’s EPCS

Aligned with USG strong authentication requirements and is the only digital signature standard recognized globally


What Are The Key Benefits?

+ Access to best-in-class tools to advance your organization’s cybersecurity

+ A streamlined procurement process making it easier to obtain services from trusted vendors

+ Services tailored for the healthcare industry

+ Personalized recommendations for remediation

+ Discounted rates due to volume pricing

+ A document repository to assist members with planning for Incident response

Security Operations services

What do Security Operations Services Offer?

1. Incident Response and Malware Analysis

– Priority emergency access to Incident Response team with or without a pre-established retainer

– Pre-established Security Services retainer available for additional savings

2. Penetration Testing

– External and internal penetration testing at pre-negotiated rate

– Web application testing

3. Vulnerability Assessment – one time

4. Vulnerability Management

– Quarterly scheduled scans with a quarterly call to review and make recommendations

– Up to 16 external IPs and up to 256 internal IPs at a discounted yearly rate


What are the key benefits?

+ Reduce time and cost associated with vendor assessments through a collaborative and standardized model

+ Benchmark your own risk assessments and achieve repeatable, auditable results with our best in class process

+ Leverage the entire H-ISAC membership’s knowledge of third-party products and services, and contribute your own knowledge to help improve healthcare community-wide cybersecurity practices

+ Assistance with a complete portfolio of offerings designed for comprehensive risk reduction are available as standard offerings for the membership including onsite assessments, program design, & vendor monitoring.

Third party risk management 

What do Shared Assessments and Third Party Risk Management Services Offer?

Automated evidence collection & risk assessment designed specifically for the Healthcare industry to measure third-party vendors for security and data risk.

Standardized Shared Services model for evidence collection designed to create a baseline across products, services, & vendors with industry common criteria for risk assessment & remediation.

Access to comprehensive vendor repository evidence is immediately available to apply to your own risk assessment processes and practice.

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