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Digital Threat Monitoring

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What does Digital Threat Monitoring Services Offer?

Obtain complete visibility into your organization’s expanding and persistently changing digital footprint; the activities, actions and communications that can be passively or actively collected by third parties when using digital devices & services.

Enhance your organization’s ability to protect confidential data, organizational reputation and customer experience.

Adjust and adapt to breaking situations analysts must triage and mitigate to maintain organizational resiliency and protect its reputation

digital risk monitoring

Reduce your cybersecurity risk with DigitalStakeout

DigitalStakeout is investing in enhancing the healthcare industry’s ability to improve the resilience of the nation’s healthcare and public health critical infrastructure. DigitalStakeout is contributing its security intelligence capabilities to H-ISAC’s Shared Services to support the vulnerable healthcare community of members who may lack the resources for obtaining these tools.

Member Services

H-ISAC members can sign-up for free access to DigitalStakeout Scout™.  Members will receive a free subscription package from DigitalStakeout consisting of:

– A free no-obligation subscription for a period of one-year.

– Subscriptions are entitled to configure DigitalStakeout Scout 10-monitors.

– Subscriptions are entitled to enable three (3) named end-users.

– Starter subscriptions are entitled to 30 days retention.

– Starter subscriptions are entitled to collect and analyze up to 10K mentions per month.

As part of this service, H-ISAC members benefit from:

– Real-time social media monitoring and situational awareness

– Detect content and meta data from the front page of millions of registered domains

– Social media abuse, malicious domain, and mobile app detection

– Detect exposure and sale of confidential and proprietary information

– Executive protection and location-based threat detection

– Continuous third-party vendor & partner reputation monitoring

– Expert support to investigate and mitigate digital threats

    Become Part of a Trusted Identity Network

    Enable your employee’s credentials to be trusted outside your organization and make the most of strong identity and cryptography 

    Rely on the SAFE QPL when purchasing identity products

    Use SAFE signatures trusted by other organizations such as the FDA, DEA, other companies, vendors and partners

    Encrypt emails and documents both within your enterprise and between companies or other organizations

    Identity and access management

    How can SAFE Identity reduce risk and assure the integrity of healthcare identities and data?

    SAFE Identity is an industry consortium and certification body, supporting identity and cryptography in healthcare to enable trust, security, and user convenience . 

    SAFE assures identities and data in virtual clinical trials, telehealth, medical devices and trusted data exchange in supply chains through free and membership-driven services. These services operationalize the use of SAFE Identity-certified credentials and applications tailored to healthcare organizations, partners and devices.

    Rely on the SAFE Identity Trust Framework and Qualified Products List (QPL) 

    To best serve healthcare, SAFE operates a free and consensus-driven Trust Framework that defines the policies and rules needed to create and use globally interoperable digital identity credentials. As a healthcare relying party, your organization can leverage the SAFE Trust Framework to verify identities in digitally signed documents; authenticate individuals and devices before they gain access; and encrypt sensitive data across the community. Additionally, you can consult the SAFE Qualified Products List (QPL), a list of certified products that have been lab-tested at SAFE for compliance against industry and member-driven requirements. Both reliance on the Trust Framework and the SAFE Qualified Products List are offered to healthcare organizations at no cost. 

    Cross-Certify Existing Credentials

    H-ISAC members have access to discounted rates for federating their existing compatible identity credentials with SAFE for cross-organizational trust between healthcare participants in the ecosystem.  Discounts are also available for joining the Policy Management Authority (PMA), a group of healthcare stakeholders who determine the identity policies that control the security and interoperability of the SAFE Identity Trust Framework. 


    Join Us: Influence the Healthcare IAM Community
    1. – Take a seat at the PMA decision-making table to guide SAFE policies for your organization and industry.
    2. – Work in peer groups to solve challenges and develop standards that shape the future.
    3. – Share insights and ideas with like-minded individuals facing the same identity challenges.

    Key Benefits

    Reduce time and cost associated with vendor assessments through a collaborative and standardized model

    Benchmark your own risk assessments and achieve repeatable, auditable results with our best in class process

    Leverage the entire H-ISAC membership’s knowledge of third-party products and services, and contribute your own knowledge to help improve healthcare community-wide cybersecurity practices

    Assistance with a complete portfolio of offerings designed for comprehensive risk reduction are available as standard offerings for the membership including onsite assessments, program design, & vendor monitoring.

    Third-party risk management

    What do Shared Assessments and Third-Party Risk Management Services offer?

    Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management platform is a cloud-based solution that combines automated, standardized vendor risk assessments with vendor threat monitoring, assessment workflow, and remediation management across the entire vendor life cycle. The solution is backed by expert professional services and managed services to help you optimize and mature your vendor risk management program.

    H-ISAC members can leverage the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Managment platform with H-ISAC’s proprietary risk questionnaires to identify, manage, and remediate risk in their own and third-party environments.  By automating third-party evidence collection and risk management, this solution not only helps you reduce risk and ensure compliance, but also saves time and money.  This platform allows for:

    – Automated evidence collection & risk assessment designed specifically for the Healthcare industry to measure third-party vendors for security and data risk.

    – Standardized Shared Services model for evidence collection designed to create a baseline across products, services, & vendors with industry common criteria for risk assessment & remediation.

    – Access to comprehensive vendor repository evidence is immediately available to apply to your own risk assessment processes and practice.

    – Continuous risk monitoring across five key risk areas (cyber data, brand, financial, operational, and regulatory) – areas identified as mandatory to satisfy regulatory obligations.


    Free Self-Assessment for H-ISAC Members

    For a limited time, Prevalent is offering members the ability to perform a free self-assessment using the new H-ISAC Lite 2.1.2 questionnaire.  Doing so will give you online access to all of your survey answers as well as a Summary Risk Report with baseline H-ISAC scoring to highlight any and all vulnerabilities that your organization may have.

    With this promotion, H-ISAC members fill out this shorter questionnaire once, and instantly share the results to other businesses with the push of a button – saving you significant time and effort.

    Act quickly, as this free self-assessment offer expires soon!

    Continuous risk monitoring

    Discover, monitor, and report on the cyberhealth of your IT infrastructure from the outside in – see what a hacker sees.

    View security issues across 10 risk factors with instant and continuous visibility into your third- and fourth-party vendors in addition to your own IT infrastructure.

    Get results with granular intelligence, enabling your internal security teams and vendors to quickly identify and resolve issues.

    Make smarter vendor risk management (VRM) decisions. Eliminate the need for time-consuming point-in-time vendor assessments and costly onsite visits.

    Continuously monitor all of your vendors using unparalleled data collection and analytics.

    Third-party risk scoring

     How can Third-Party Risk Scoring help you to identify and reduce risk?

    SecurityScorecard, a global leader in cybersecurity ratings, offers organizations valuable insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in their own environments and their third-party ecosystems. With sophisticated data collection techniques, attribution of millions of proprietary and open-source data feeds, and advanced machine-learning algorithms, SecurityScorecard measures, analyzes, and reports risk.

    Exclusive Offer for H-ISAC Members

    H-ISAC members are eligible to receive complimentary access to a SecurityScorecard instance that entitles them to continuously monitor their own organization AND up to five third parties (ie. vendors, suppliers, competitors).  Members who are already Security Scorecard customers will be given the ability to monitor an additional five third parties at no additional cost.

    With SecurityScorecard organizations can monitor, understand and manage the cybersecurity strength and posture of their environment and that of their third-party ecosystem. The platform lets you:

    – Monitor digital assets and surface issues in accordance with 10+ leading security frameworks, such as NIST and ISO

    – Prioritize and remediate issues by providing actionable recommendations on every finding

    – Build prescriptive remediation plans to achieve a target score

    – Understand any company’s risk track record via historical scores, remediation activities, and issue event log

    – Benchmark any organization in comparison to peers and competitors

    – Communicate cybersecurity posture to non-technical audiences using an easy-to-understand A-F rating

    If you would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer, select the blue contact us button below and complete the request form.  We will be in touch soon. 

    If you work for a vendor of security solutions and would like to learn more about H-ISAC Shared Services, see the program details here

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