●      Generate and manage SBOMs in any format to enable software transparency

●      Orchestrate and correlate scan findings from 120+ scanning tools

●      Monitor Application and Product Security risk across product portfolios with dynamic risk scoring to prioritize critical findings

●      Leverage world-class binary SCA to generate the market’s most thorough and accurate SBOMs with world-class binary SCA (software composition analysis)


Comprehensive Software Risk Management for the Connected World

Manage risk across your software supply chain

Finite State helps organizations reduce application security and product security risk across the software supply chain. Finite State delivers a risk-prioritized view to security teams looking to drive down software supply chain risk and is the industry’s only one-stop shop for SBOM generation, ingestion, and extended SBOM management.

SPECIAL for Health-ISAC Members

Free SBOM + Firmware Risk Assessment for (3) products.
a) Finite State will produce a Software Bill of Materials for three dedicated
firmware for all Health-ISAC member organizations for free.
b) Finite State will deliver a free risk assessment for (3) firmware for all Health-ISAC
member organizations.

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