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Health-ISAC Supports the Global Health Sector

Join Health-ISAC, the only community committed to ensuring secure healthcare services around the world enabling an All Hazards approach. Arming each other in these unprecedented times of cyber warfare and blended threats. Cyber and Physical Incidents degrade the availability of clinical access impacting the standards of care critical to patient safety. Sharing threat intelligence and best practices with health sector peers creates a more resilient health sector.

Crowdsourced Cyber Security | Sector Threat Intelligence | Shared Best Practices

Health-ISAC Inc. (H-ISAC, Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center), is a global, non-profit, member-driven organization offering healthcare stakeholders a trusted community and forum for coordinating, collaborating and sharing vital physical and cyber threat intelligence and best practices with each other.

Health-ISAC is a trusted community of critical infrastructure owners and operators within the Healthcare and Public Health sector (HPH). The community is primarily focused on sharing timely, actionable and relevant information with each other including intelligence on threats, incidents and vulnerabilities that can include data such as indicators of compromise, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors, advice and best practices, mitigation strategies and other valuable material. Sharing can occur via machine to machine or human to human. Health-ISAC also fosters the building of relationships and networking through a number of educational events in order to facilitate trust. Working groups and committees focus on topics and activities of importance to the sector. Shared Services offer enhanced services to leverage the Health-ISAC community for the benefit of all.

In The News

Health-ISAC Announces Board Change

Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Health-ISAC) thanks retiring Board Member and welcomes new Board Member from The Netherlands   [pdf-embedder...

Health-ISAC Newsletter – December 2022

December's Newsletter features: Health-ISAC's 2022 Fall Americas Summit - Reminders; Health-ISAC's 2023 Summits - Save the Dates; Health-ISAC's Threat Operations Center --  Working through a Hurricane; Podcast-- AEI panel discussion with Health-ISAC’s Director of...

Brooklyn Hospitals Decried for Silence on Cyber Incident

One Brooklyn Health Systems Three Hospitals Systems Affected by Nov. 19 Hack Marianne Kolbasuk McGee (HealthInfoSec) • November 30, 2022     Access the full article in Healthcare Info Security here:...

IoT Security Standards: Where Should the Security Lie in Our Networks?

Discussing what effective IoT security standards would look like and what government and industry leaders are doing to bring them about. American Enterprise Institute panel, hosted by AEI’s Shane Tews, including Health-ISAC's Director of Medical Device Security, Phil...


Data vulnerabilities, threat bulletins, and other actionable information will flow to security teams. ANALYSIS  |  BY SCOTT MACE  |   NOVEMBER 21, 2022 Link to full article here:...

Recent Blogs and White Papers

image of gavel in front of world map with text Medical Device Security: Landscape of Global Regulatory Guidance
White paper - CISO

Health-ISAC Hobby Exercise 2022

Hobby TTX Video:

Health-ISAC provides opportunities for member organizations to benefit by participating in emergency based incident simulations known as table top exercises. The Hobby Exercise is an annual Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) event designed to engage the healthcare sector and strategic partners on significant security and resilience challenges. The objective is to inform stakeholders, identify gaps and provide opportunities for continuous improvement while increasing healthcare sector resiliency.


Watch and listen as Health-ISAC members discuss the benefits of engaging in the HOBBY exercise held in Washington, DC, in July 2022, to test their abilities in times of unforeseen duress in both cyber and physical attacks or all hazard events.

Why “Hobby”?:

Oveta Culp Hobby (1905-1995) was an American politician and businessperson who served as the first United States Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare from 1953-1955. She was only the second woman to ever serve in a presidential cabinet.


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