Information Sharing Best Practices


H-ISAC would like to share best practices for information sharing within the healthcare sector.

This is a workable whitepaper designed for healthcare organizations to download and adjust
into their individual environments. This document was developed in partnership between the Health-ISAC and the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC).



Key Takeaways:

Types of Shared Threat Intelligence
           ~ Includes strategic, tactical, operational, technical and open source intelligence
Industry Best Practices
          ~ Learn the best practices for sharing information within the healthcare industry
Incident Response Sharing
          ~ Tips for Incident response information sharing
Shared Media Response
          ~ Learn how to leverage industry peers and shared media response to large events


We encourage HPH information sharing organizations to use this document as the basis of their own Information Sharing Best Practices Guideline. Organizations can customize the content provided here for their own information sharing environment.


Information sharing programs, when done properly, produce significant benefit at low risk for the organizations that participate. This document provides Healthcare and Public Health Sector (HPH) organizations with a set of guidelines and best practices for efficient and effective information sharing. It addresses real and perceived barriers to information sharing that are often found from laws, regulations, corporate policies or management support, and will help organizations work through these obstacles.


Download this white paper to incorporate into your healthcare organization

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