Solution Benefits

Monitor your attack surface
Get real-time analysis of the assets that make up your attack surface, uncover shadow IT, and anticipate risks before they occur.

Block phishing attacks
Employ in- and outbound email security solutions that protect your organization, your people, and your reputation against phishing.

Ensure digital compliance
Align with government and regulatory body frameworks and actively mitigate risks relating to email and domain security.

Secure your network perimeter
Discover your entire owned inventory of public-facing assets and monitor them continuously to prevent downtime and stop breakage.


Cyber resilience platform

Block phishing attacks and defend your brand today

About The Company

Red Sift enables organizations to anticipate, respond to, and recover from cyber attacks while continuing to operate effectively. The award-winning Red Sift application suite is the only integrated solution that combines four interoperable applications, internet-scale cybersecurity intelligence, and innovative generative AI that puts organizations on a robust path to cyber resilience.

Red Sift is a global organization with offices in North America, Australia, Spain, and the UK. It boasts a global client base across all industries, including Domino’s, ZoomInfo, Athletic Greens, Pipedrive, and top global law firms. Red Sift is also a trusted partner of Entrust, Microsoft, Cisco and Validity, among others. Learn more at redsift.com.

Unique Offering

The Red Sift Pulse Platform brings together apps loved and trusted by 1,000+ organizations to protect their infrastructure, domains and email.

  • Protect against phishing and BEC attacks with Red Sift OnDMARC – Award-winning, cloud-based DMARC, DKIM and SPF configuration and management.
  • Defend your brand with Red Sift Brand Trust – AI-driven brand impersonation discovery and monitoring.
  • Protect the growing attack surface with Red Sift ASM – Automated, continuous attack surface management.
  • Build your PKI security with Red Sift Certificates – Continuous certificate discovery and monitoring.

Offer to Health-ISAC Members

Health-ISAC members can get a completely free Red Sift Security Posture Report that covers

  1. Attack Surface Management – continuous and automatic identification of configuration issues, including deep configuration and prioritization data to speed remediation
  2. Certificate monitoring – including issuance and expiration, configuration information to identify current certificates and causes of invalidation. We also find and monitor 3rd party certificates.
  3. Domain impersonation – Insight into malicious activity for key domains, words, and logos.
  4. Email security – Understand your email domain security setup and any vulnerabilities to exact domain impersonation which is used in phishing attacks.

Red Sift is offering Health-ISAC community members their own Security Posture Report, for free, provided the following requirements are met

– An active Health-ISAC membership

– Commitment to a 45-minute meeting to review the report with the Red Sift team

After reviewing their report, Health-ISAC members have access to free POC trials on any of the Red Sift solutions.  A free POC requires the member’s involvement to build a requirements plan covering objectives, participants, and timeline before beginning the POC.

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