AppOmni identifies SaaS data leakage gaps and provides unparalleled visibility into SaaS security misconfigurations.

– SaaS data leakage in critical SaaS platforms

– Identification of over-permissioned and inactive users

– Identification of high risk and unauthorized SaaS-to-SaaS connections

– Continuous monitoring of key security related misconfigurations

– User activity and threat monitoring

– Ensure compliance with regulations.

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Stop SaaS Data Breaches

AppOmni provides comprehensive analysis and visibility into the SaaS attack surface to help companies reduce the risk of SaaS data breaches. Over twenty percent of the Fortune 100 use AppOmni for continuous monitoring of their critical SaaS environments to identify security risks, configuration drift, over-privileged users, and active threats.

Free SaaS Risk Assessment

AppOmni is offering Health-ISAC members a free risk assessment of a Salesforce or ServiceNow SaaS instance.  This assessment will provide visibility into key misconfigurations, user permissions, data exposures, and SaaS-to-SaaS connections.  Additional SaaS applications can be assessed if member agrees to an enhanced Evaluation Agreement.


Free SaaS Data Leakage Scan

AppOmni is offering a free scan of Salesforce communities to help organizations determine if there are data leakage and access control gaps.  Upon confirmation of organizational ownership of a community, AppOmni can initiate a scan to help identify if data leakage is present.

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