Establish a Cyber Fusion Center and stay ahead of threats with Cyware’s intelligence, threat response, and security automation solutions. 

Collaborate CSAP
(Situational Awareness Platform)

Intel Exchange CTIX and CTIX Lite
(Threat Intelligence eXchange)

Orchestrate CSOL
(Security Orchestration Gateway)

Respond CFTR
(Fusion & Threat Response)



Threat intelligence platform

Automate your feeds with intelligent security.

Whether you are just getting started with threat detection and alerting, looking to make threat intelligence actionable, or searching for ways to optimize your SOC with customizable playbooks, Cyware has integrated virtual cyber fusion solutions to help you take your security operations and threat response to the next level.

Health-ISAC members can increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and analyst burnout.  Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion solutions make secure collaboration, information sharing, and enhanced threat visibility a reality for security teams of any size by offering vendor-agnostic security automation and security case management. Start with any module and add capabilities as your needs expand.

Unique Offering

For a limited time, Cyware will pay your Health-ISAC membership dues when you purchase a qualifying Cyware Enterprise Solution. Upon purchase of your qualified Cyware solution, a credit for your Health-ISAC membership dues will be applied as a discount.


Offer Details

  • – This offer will be applied as a discount at the time of purchase based on your current Health-ISAC membership dues.
  • – Deals must close before April 30, 2024.
  • – Discount is limited to a maximum of 20% of the annual sales price of the Cyware solution.
  • – Health-ISAC will confirm that membership fees have been received before this discount is applied.
  • – The offer can be applied for each year of a multi-year contract signed during this period.
  • – The offer applies to new Cyware customers and existing customers looking to add new Cyware modules.


Leverage Health-ISAC’s partnership with Cyware by submitting a request for more information.



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