Information Sharing

Information Sharing is the core mission of H-ISAC.  Members of the ISAC have multiple methods to communicate with each other, and with external trusted partners.

Methods of Communication

Whether by Email, Chat, or through Automation, H-ISAC Members communicate with each other every day.

H-ISAC Email Lists

The world still communicates over email.  For H-ISAC Members, email is key in sharing ideas, questions, notices, and malicious information.

H-ISAC Members communicate through multiple email lists.  Intelligence sharing is supported through our Amber, Green, and Main email groups.

Members also participate in a number of working groups.  Each working group is supported by a private email list, as well as in our Chat service.  To read more about the Working Groups, please click here


Whether day to day, or in an emergency, faster communication is key.  H-ISAC Members communicate in a secure private chat platform available on all devices.

H-ISAC Members discuss current topics, issues, and events in our private and secure chat platform.  Using MatterMost’s chat platform, members are able to quickly and effectively share threat data, indicators of compromise, and solutions, all with the knowledge of belonging to a secure and trusted community.

H-ISAC Automation

With so many methods of attack, sharing indicators of compromise can be daunting by standard methods. H-ISAC has solved automated information sharing amongst diverse member architectures by providing connections through multiple platforms that suit member capabilities, in order to provide actionable and up-to-date intelligence.

H-ISAC supports the ability for member to ingest data directly into their systems and tools.  H-ISAC Members pull data being shared from our member Email and Chat services, as well our international partners, other ISACs, intelligence agencies, and governments around the world.  The H-ISAC systems also support easing sharing back to the community to assist in protecting the entire sector. 

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