Hammerdown Podcast

By Jay Mervis Senior Director of Healthcare Sales at Fortinet with guest Phil Englert from Health ISAC


August 9, 2023:

Watch it on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eobgSnOshGI

Trend is Medical Device Security, Tech and how we support the IDN and Med Device Manufacturers, and the Tunes are Led Zeppelin!!!


Podcast highlights:

  • – Timeline of when medical devices became connected devices
  • – The grassroots sharing between organizations once data became a target
  • – A unique perspective from working with manufacturers and for a large healthcare organization
  • – Defining the various stakeholders responsible for different portions of a medical device
  • – Exposing the risks around specific medical devices
  • How current legislation will affect manufacturers and delivery organizations
  • What medical device security professionals can learn from hackers
  • Health-ISAC’s role in the innovation of healthcare security
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