Cybersecurity: Health-ISAC’s chief security officer, Errol Weiss, scans the current cybersecurity landscape in U.S. healthcare

April 19, 2024

Errol Weiss is chief security officer at the Orlando-based Health-ISAC, a non-governmental body involved in supporting healthcare leaders’ work to achieve cybersecurity across the global healthcare system. Recently, he shared his perspectives on the current moment in healthcare cybersecurity with Healthcare Innovation Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland. Weiss will be participating as a speaker at the Healthcare Innovation Capital Area Summit, to be held at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on May 2. Below are excerpts from that interview.


  • – Health-ISAC overview and about the 16 ISACs for critical infrastructure
  • – The current threat landscape in U.S. healthcare
  • – How the threat surface is expanding and intensifying, and what hospital leaders can do

When I got [to Health-ISAC] five years ago, coming from finance, where you have to have a CISO, according to regulations, I was shocked that healthcare didn’t have CISOs. We need someone in that CISO position and make sure they’re in charge, monitoring, putting a program into place, and making sure that program is effective, and keeping the organization secure.

Read the full interview at Healthcare Innovation Group here:

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