Cybersecurity Trends and Threats in the Healthcare Sector



Health-ISAC’s Q4 2023 Healthcare Heartbeat provides observations of ransomware, cybercrime trends, and malicious actor forum postings that could potentially impact healthcare sector organizations. This product is for your situational awareness, and Health-ISAC recommends members affiliated with the victim companies or those potentially impacted take appropriate measures to secure critical infrastructure.

If Health-ISAC becomes aware of an imminent threat to Members of the healthcare sector, the information will be communicated directly with the impacted organization.

Health-ISAC will continue to monitor this activity and provide relevant updates when necessary. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at The TLP:GREEN version of the Healthcare Heartbeat is available for Members within the portal.


The White Paper Includes:

– Ransomware Attacks Against Healthcare
– Healthcare Sector Analysis: Cisco IOS XE; Open Databases
– Healthcare Sector Statistics: Global Events Analysis
– Threat Actor Profile: Hunters International Attacks on Healthcare
– Analysis, Recommendations and References


Health-ISAC observed a continuous trend of cyber security incidents and data breaches impacting healthcare over 2023. While RDP exposures and Compromised Credentials remained a consistent theme, the actively exploited Cisco IOS XE bug was of note for many security teams

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